About 4D Game

4D game is one of the most popular game played in Malaysia and Singapore, and it has been around since 1969 and appeal to many people. The 4D appeal is mainly due to its simplicity and high payout. Its required no skill or method, anyone has a equal chance of winning depending on his or her selection of numbers.

To play, simple select your number of choice from 0000 to 9999. A total of 10,000 numbers to pick which all numbers has equal chance of becoming a winning numbers. In every draw, 23 numbers will be picked as the winning numbers, with first, second and Third prize each and 10 special and 10 consolation prizes. Every RM1 bet can win as much as RM3,500 (Small Forecast) on first prize.

Winning numbers are draw upon randomly which there are no ways of predicting the outcome, thus to the game simplicity, there are many underground operators collecting bets and offer slightly higher winning payout against the license Number Forecast Operator. Buying from underground operators is against the law in both Malaysia and Singapore and players risk losing all money when these underground operators go burst. It is advisable to play 4D with the 3 license Number Forecast Operator (NFO), which is Magnum, Sports TOTO and Damacai. These NFO are governed by strict rules and all prizes winning are guaranteed paid in full and no taxable.

All 3 NFO draws their respective winning numbers on draw day, which is on Wednesday, Saturday and Sunday. Occasionally, special draws are also conducted on Tuesday. The payout structure is the same between these 3 NFO. In fact, there are no differences in 4D playing rules among these operators. Playing with Magnum, Sports TOTO or Damacai simply depend on where you think your selected numbers will be drawn.

Special Draw Date

  • 25-Jun-2024 (Tue)
  • 13-Aug-2024 (Tue)
  • 29-Oct-2024 (Tue)
  • 31-Dec-2024 (Tue)