Understand How 4d Winning Numbers Are Drawn

Do you know that you can participate in the drawing of 4D winning numbers? You can determine the 1st Prize etc. All number forecast operators conduct their draw in the full view of the public to ensure transparency and utmost fairness. There will be no dispute to the selected winning numbers.

Understanding how winning numbers are derived will slur the notion that there is a formula in predicting the winning numbers. It is possible to predict weather, because we understand the controlling factors such as pressure, humidity, wind and territorial condition, but there is none in the drawing of 4D winning numbers. Unless you have the ability to travel to the future and back.

Magnum 4d Draw method

The Magnum 4D results are drawn in full public view and required the assistance of 3 public participants to ensure ultimate fairness. An official will randomly draw from a box to determine the 3 selected participants, whom will again draw among themselves to determine their order (first, second and third).

The first participant will activate the draw, which will see 4 drums containing 10 numbers each (0 to spinning and 1 number eventually being pick-up in each drum, forming a winning number. Subsequent to every winning number, another drum is also randomly picked to determine the winning number belongs to special prizes or consolation prizes. Eight winning numbers are to be drawn by the first participant, followed by and set of eight numbers by the second participant and lastly the third participant draw seven set of winning number. This will result in a total of 23 winning numbers drawn, of which 10 numbers belong to consolation prizes and 13 numbers special prizes.

In determining the first, second and third prize from the set of 23 special numbers, the first participant is again invited to activate a drum which contains 13 Alphabetical letters from A-M, which will determine the third prize. It is followed by the second participant to draw the second prizes and finally the third participant to draw the first prize.

Sports TOTO Draw method

Sports TOTO 4D results are also drawn in full public view. Anyone of legal age, non-Muslim, well attired and of good character are invited to participate in the drawing proceeding. Five persons will be selected and they will select the marble bags that will be used for the draw.

Sports TOTO uses pneumatic draw machines which have transparent tubes, chambers and body. These allow a full transparent view of the entire draw proceeding, from loading, mixing and finally selection of winning numbers. The entire proceeding is recorded to ensure maximum transparency and fairness.

As Sports TOTO has a numerous games, the draw will commence for digit game, starting from TOTO 4D, TOTO 5D, TOTO 6D and then proceed to draw for TOTO results (Mega TOTO 6/52. Power TOTO 6/55 and Supreme TOTO 6/58)

Sports TOTO determination of First, Second and Third Prize is similar to Magnum 4D where 3 numbers are picked from the pool of 13 Special numbers.

Damacai 4D draw method

All draws are open to the public and for each draw; there will be five electro-mechanically operated drums, which the first drum marked "H" will contain 13 balls or such number of balls as shall be equivalent to the number of horses participating in the designated race. Each ball will be marked with a number from "1" to "13" or such number as shall be equivalent to the number of horses participating in the designated race.

The remain four (4) drums will each be marked "1+", "2", "3" and "4" respectively and each will contain 10 balls from "0" to "9" and the numbers drawn from these drums shall constitute the winning numbers for the 3D and 1+3D Games.

The draw will then be conducted in the following sequence:

First, ten (10) four-digit numbers will be drawn from the drums marked "1+", "2", "3" and "4" to constitute the consolation prizes.

Thereafter, thirteen (13) four-digit numbers or such number of four-digit numbers equivalent to the number of horses participating in the designated race, whichever is higher, will be drawn and each such number will be assigned to the horse drawn simultaneously from the "H" drum. These numbers will constitute the main prizes and starter prizes.

Any four-digit number not assigned to a horse will automatically become a starter prize. Each horse shall carry one combination of a four-digit number only.

The main prizes for the 1+3D Game will be determined based on the results of the designated race

Special Draw Date

  • 25-Jun-2024 (Tue)
  • 13-Aug-2024 (Tue)
  • 29-Oct-2024 (Tue)
  • 31-Dec-2024 (Tue)