Are There Winning Formulas In Playing 4D Games?

The only proven tactic in winning in every 4D game is to bet on all numbers. That is for sure you will strike. But the issue is that the amount of prizes winning will be less than your bet, so in the end, you strike numerous prizes but end up losing more money. What is written here sound stupid but it is to illustrate that playing 4D game is all about number and payout. A 100% strike with 10000 numbers will only give you RM6,400 prize money. You still lose RM3,600.

Before we drill down and discuss more about possible formula, let's understand how these winning numbers are picked in every draw, course without these information, how do we formulated a winning strategy? Without understand how these winning numbers are determined, are we going to bet on anyone's prediction? Unless someone claimed to have divine power and has proven to be successfully. Nevertheless, we are doubtful of such power.

Read about how the winning numbers are picked here: UNDERSTAND HOW 4D WINNING NUMBERS ARE DRAWN

Assuming you now understand how winning numbers are draw, so is there any possible ways to beat the system? No as all the numbers are drawn randomly. Anyone who claim that they have a proven system to win in 4D gaming is surly a bluff. Anyone who has a winning formula (if really) will not be sharing with you.

Anyone who claimed they have cracked the system and has enough of analysis data finding from 1969 till today to work out a possible winning technique or programming is FAKE! More so if they try to sell you for any fee. Do not waste your time and efforts to learn about it, because there is no way to predict 4D winning numbers. It is easier to predict when a plane may crash because we know there are influencing factors such as pilots status, weather, mechanical, electronic, electric failure, terrorist activities than predicting which 4D number will emerge as a winning numbers. There are no influencing factors in 4D winning numbers.

Many people tried studying the number patterns, trend, historical records etc., if there are really such a patterns or trend, then how do we define the meaning of random? Understand that winning numbers are picked randomly, so there cannot be a patterns or possible trend. In summary, it is pure luck.

The possible winning formula is therefore dependent on you. If you have the superb good feeling and lady luck is surrounding you, you may want to put your good luck to good use. That may explains why some people always win and some people never win.

Nevertheless, if you firmly believe that history help in 4D gaming, then, you may want to check your selected number winning history offered by us here. (feature)

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