Play 4D Game Responsibly

4D game is fun and easy to play. 4D outlets are also conveniently located in easy accessible area and 4D game often give the impression of 'almost' winning through the mis-match of 1 number or wrong sequence. The payout of RM2,500 to RM1 bet seems very high and thus it is common to be these 4D gaming outlets crowded with people prior to the closing time.

Indeed, we have heard stories of many people strike their fortune through 4D gaming, and even more people enjoying their wind-fall bonus through 4D winning. These are motivating stories and heart-warming, but there are also countless people losing their hard-earning money and bring hardship to their family through irresponsible playing of 4D games.

4D gaming should be treated as a form of entertainment and it should never be garded as a Get Rich Short-Cut. The only proven way to build wealth is through proper accumulation and investment. 4D gaming is never an investment tool or scheme to help one get rich. It is merely a form of entertainment that bring hopes, anticipations and excitements, coupled with some lucks, some prize money.

4D gaming can be addictive and we urge you to restrain from playing 4D game if the followings occurs:

1. The money used for playing 4D games are actually meant for family needs, such as schools fee, tuitions fee, insurance, utilities fee etc
2. It is affecting your responsibility as a parent, employees, husband etc
3. Constantly thinking that your problems can be solved with a big win.
4. Need to borrows from friends, family members etc. to play
5. Believing that the numbers will strike if you stop buying the numbers

Understand that 4D winning numbers are randomly generated and winning 4D is mainly luck.

We hope while you enjoy your 4D games, it does not affect your family life or your existing life-style.

Special Draw Date

  • 25-Jun-2024 (Tue)
  • 13-Aug-2024 (Tue)
  • 29-Oct-2024 (Tue)
  • 31-Dec-2024 (Tue)